Stories from Our Volunteers

“When I read of your Hike for Hospice in the Sea Cavalcade parade, the tears fell. You all deserve medals—all the volunteers! I had forgotten how I felt about the work we have done and how rewarding it was for me.

My first experience as a Hospice Volunteer was the best.  My client and her daughters and I were all singers and we sang together enjoying each other.  She was so loving and responsive to everyone around her in the nursing home, so much so, that one of the nurses climbed into bed with her and gave her hugs to which she responded. That was the beginning of a rewarding couple of years.

One client was 100 years old and bawled me out for fussing so much. I broke out laughing when she swore at me. Other clients were different. Most of them just needed us near them. One of the hardest clients for me was a close friend, but we had an intimate time, and I still have fond memories of her. . . . On the whole all the clients were unique in their own way and I hope I was some help to all of them.

People have asked me, “How can you work with people dying all the time?”  I say, it is a privilege to be with them until the end.  Death is a rite of passage, like birth. It is part of the circle of life”.

-Stephanie Biggs

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