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Market Place IGA Fundraising Program

MarketplaceIGAGibsonMarketPlace IGA is now offering us 4% back when our volunteers and members shop at their stores using a special fundraising card. The card looks like a gift card. It is free and empty until you fill it. Once you fill it at the customer service counter you can use it as cash at checkout. There is no expiry date on the funds you add to the card and they can be refilled as often as you like.

This is how it works:

  1. Pick up your card from the hospice office
  2. When you go to IGA first go to the customer service counter and have them load the empty card. They can load whatever amount of money you would like eg. if you want $100 on the card they will ring you through for $100 and place that on the card.
  3. Do your shopping and when you checkout use your IGA card as cash to pay for your groceries.
  4. Next time you go shopping reload your card on the way in.

This is an easy way to keep funds coming into Hospice and it does not cost you anything more than the time it takes to load your card on the way in to shop.