2016 AGM – Annual General Meeting

We had a full and warm house filled to overflowing at St. John’s United Church on June 23 from 7-10pm.  Long time members welcomed new members and we were introduced to the incoming Board Directors.

Audience3 2016AGMAudience4 2016AGMAudience5 with Denis Fafard 2016AGMcompassionAudience6 2016AGMCarole James 2016AGMDenise Woodley 2016AGMEsme Stokhuyzen 2016AGM


Judy Dunphy 2016AGMJulie Astalnok3 2016AGMRob Toderick - 2016AGM

Melanie Lautt 2016AGMMorrie Sacks2 2016AGM

Thank you to our volunteers and members who make our work in the community possible.

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