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About Our Community Presentations

Thinking about our death and discussing it with loved ones does not come easily for many of us, particularly if we are young and healthy. And, even if we do, there never sees to be a “good time” to have the conversation we so much want to have. This is no surprise given that our culture is death phobic and youth obsessed. We are awash in images of death and dying in the news and popular culture. Yet, should someone want to talk about their our own death and our how they want to live in the final chapter of their lives this is often considered morbid, a downer for sure.

Participating in an advance care workshop provides you with a safe and supportive place to consider what you want at the end of your life and plan how to let others know what your wishes are.

Often people think advance care planning is something for “old” people to consider or something to do if they are sick. In fact, advance care planning is for people of all ages; any one of us can face life-threatening injury or sudden illness at any moment or stage of our lives.

screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-4-42-41-pmOur Workshops

Making decisions to withhold or stop medical treatment for a loved one is never easy. It’s hard to even imagine, let alone prepare for, no matter one’s age. However, if we know what the person we love wishes for themselves we can make the appropriate decision knowing it is in their best interest.

It’s important to have “the conversation” about what a “good quality of life” as we near death means and what medical treatments we may or may not want to have. Having “the talk” ensures family, loved ones and health care professionals are better able to make decisions if ever called upon to do so.

Making an Advance Care Plan is a unique gift for your loved ones and your health care providers. If ever called upon to speak on your behalf, they will know what to do and what to say as you will have made your wishes clear. Your voice will be heard through your Advance Care Plan.

The Sunshine Coast Hospice Society provides assistance to those wishing to prepare an Advance Care Plan by offering workshops developed by well trained and experienced volunteers who live in our community.


Part I
Introduction to Advance Care Planning

This initial 2-hour workshop introduces what Advance Care Planning is, assists you to explore what your wishes are and helps you consider how you will have the conversations you need.

Part II
Developing Your Advance Care Plan

For those who attended Part 1 a Follow-up Session will be offered.

These sessions are intended to

  • allow participants to share successes and hear from others,
  • answer questions that have come up in preparing Advance Care Plans, and
  • provide assistance with the preparation of participants’ written Advance Care Plans.

Contact the Sunshine Coast Hospice Society at 604-740-0475 if you, your family, community group require information and/or assistance with advance care planning.

*The basis for this information comes via the Comox Valley Advance Care Planning, with gratitude. All images are courtesy of CVACP except where otherwise noted.

This project has been made possible by the BC Centre for Palliative Care, The Seed Grant Program.

BC Centre for Palliative Care